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Beethoven Learns How To Rock

It’s impossible to count how many times L. Van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” has been played since it was first composed. It’s been exhausted at musical lessons and recitals all over the globe. It’s a classic. A testament to profound musical composition. But let’s face it, it can be a bit boring!

Yes I said it and it can’t be taken back. Before classical music fanatics lose their wigs, take a look at this video.

Ana Rucner gave the classic a minor facelift by adding a slight soft rock twist. Journey with her as she serenades your ear buds from the serenity of a secluded meadow. Ana even gets a slight accompaniment from a few other musicians sporting their own vintage instruments.

Even with her alterations, we all know that the original “Ode to Joy” is here to stay. It is one of those songs that can play in the backdrop for any occasion. Imagine a dog running through the park with his tongue trailing behind him. Or a family of children falling over each other in a “to the death” race for the chance to ride shotgun. It would be perfect for that triumphant coworker who conquers the paper jam in the community copier. The opportunities are endless.

Hey Ana, if you need some help mapping out your next video- just shoot us a message! We’re always down to direct.

Whoever shot this one for her did a great job. Crisp images capture the power of Ana’s performance on land and at sea. With her level of expertise, the money devoted to creating this video was all worth it.

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