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Barcelona- A High Speed Cultural Overload

Ever been to Barcelona before? If you haven’t, you will definitely want to take a trip after watching this video. Follow the filmmaker or a supersonic walk through the historical city.


Follow her down cobblestone streets and into awing cathedrals. Everyone is moving like a film in fast forward but the beauty of Barcelona stares you straight in the face.


Go from an eagle’s vantage over the city’s scape on into golden theaters lined with crimson seats. Art seem like the recurring theme of Barcelona’s creation. From the architecture to the people, everything’s just so darn beautiful!


It’s almost unreal. As the sun sets and the night turns into a seductive black, the film continues to give the audience of what Barcelona has to offer.


As the new day dawns, we’re treated to a look at a Barcelonan carnival. Ferris wheels are always fun no matter what continent you’re on.


Zip line across the city’s shore then breeze through the marketplace. When in Barcelona, you can expect everything to be extraordinary. The sexy city managed to take something as common as a water fountain and turn it into an iridescent sea of wondrous colors. A melodic symphony streams high into the sky as tourists and locals just pass on by.


It’s amazing how something can be breathtaking to one person and just an average occurrence to someone else. After seeing it so often, it can eventually lose its luster. If you want to be able to take a firsthand account of a paradise like Barcelona, you’re going to have to save your money up. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube. They are a team of financial gurus that can show you how to make your dreams of international escapes come true.




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