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Why Barcelona? We’re Glad You Asked!

In this simplistic yet convincing video for Barcelona tourism, and maybe even immigration, you’ll be able to see and read all the reasons why Barcelona is exactly where you want to be. Using footage shot around the city of everyday people, landmarks, and a variety of picturesque architecture and restaurants, it doesn’t seem like much of a feat to convince anyone with a passport to come on over to Barcelona.

The city offers something for everyone, from the corporate professionals, to the artists, the athletes, and of course those who are looking to experience the world quite literally through taste and flavors. The sights and sounds flow seamlessly as a song featuring traditional instrumental music plays in the background, and we can even hear some other perks being sang to us as we take in the visuals. The idea of how close Barcelona, Spain and Cologne, the Gers district (technically German) city located in southwest France, really are to each other might be lost on us since the video is so locally focused as far as the sights, but the sounds, particularly the music in this case, don’t fail to remind us.

“So much people, but nobody like you…”, never mind the grammar, we know what this Spanish singer means as she serenades us to music you could almost imagine is literally flowing through the air in Barcelona. Barcelona is filled with people, all with their own something to offer, and if you visit Barcelona, you can be one of those people too. What’s the exception? You’ll be you, whoever you are and whatever makes you special and you’ll be that person in Barcelona where you can walk with a beautiful boy, or girl, and visit nearby Cologne, if you’d like.

The fashions in the storefronts and on the citizens and the intricate table settings being prepared for fine dining are just a couple reminders of things in Barcelona you won’t want to have to worry about being able to afford. While a vacation should be about memories and experiences more than souvenirs and gifts, there’s no rule that says you’re not allowed to treat yourself while on vacation, in fact, what better time and place to treat yourself to anything?

Wherever you want to go in the world, the last thing you want on your mind when you get there is financial stress. Getting to Barcelona and being able to do the things you like when you get there can be made that much easier by subscribing to Professor Savings and checking out the many helpful tips on how to save money.



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