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Awesome key element of the success of Pepsi

You can see the success of the Pepsi now in US but you could not thought of the situation of Pepsi in 1967. In 1967, the soda company had a strong hold in the Southeast and Midwest, but still hadn’t established itself as a national brand. One person has changed the situation and brought Pepsi to success.

He is the vice-president of marketing of Pepsi in the 1970s and created the Pepsi Challenge, an ad campaign in which the company recruited people off the street to participate in a blind taste test between Coke and Pepsi and filmed their reactions. The result is astonishing and turned out that most of the people would choose Pepsi if they ignore the brand of the coke.

That commercial shook the soda industry, and placed Pepsi firmly on the map. “Bang. Nine seconds…that was the shot that went around the world,” Sculley says. “Coke went absolutely non-linear over it.” An inspiring idea has made Pepsi successful in the next 50 years in US.

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