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How to avoid destroying relationship: The Bridge Story

Bridge: building relationships

(one second to destroy, countless hours to build)

by Rayfil Wong

I was eleven years old when a major 1989 earth shook San Francisco, changing some people’s lives forever.  I remember a span of the Bay Bridge collapsed.  When I see a bridge, I am reminded about the relationships I have built during my lifetime.  

I once read that 85% of our happiness is related to the relationships we have with people.  I could’nt agree more.  Growing up, I would often procrastinate.  I remember in fifth grade, our class participated in an event called Invent America.  Our goal was to invent a product hoping that the invention would to mass produced. 

On the day before the project was due, I stayed up all nighter putting my invention together.  I taped a small plastic box to a hammer.  The invention served the purpose that a construction worker can always have nails at within reach when the hammer is used.  Obviously, I did not even get any memorable mention or any notice at all.  

The next morning, my mom had to tickle me in order for me to wake up and get out of bed.  Since she saw all the tools that laid on the dinner table, she knew that I stayed up working on the project. 

She would shout, “see, never do things at last minute.  You know, successful people never do things at last minute.”  After that incident, my mom labled me as a procrastinator and am a son who is always later.  As I went to high school, I changed my habit and was always on time and did things early.  Yet because of that situation, she still sees me as a procrastinator.

I have been at my current job as a motivational speaker college recruiter for half a year.  Ever appointment starting with the interview with the company, I have always been half an hour early.  I enjoy being early because it shows that I respect the company in my company by arriving early and settling myself down.

I enjoy it when I here people say, “Ray is usually early.”  I don’t want to be on time, I want to be early.  This show responsibility and lessen stress in my life.  When an upcoming promotion or opportunity comes up, I know that my managers will be looking for a responsible and prompt person to take up the job.

When I see the Golden Gate bridge, I am constantly reminded about my actions and choice.  One mistake during fifth grade the night before my class project was due, I had ruined my relationship with my son to display that I was a son that was prompt and responsible.  I learned that in a relationship, it takes one action to break a relationship but it takes years to build a relationship.

Image to remember: Golden Gate Bridge

Point to remember: It take one action to destroy a relationship, but year to but a solid one.  

Remember that being early for an appointment reflects a person that is responsible and  opens doors to opportunities.    



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