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Aussie Reporter Strips Bare to Tell You One Important Thing

Tracey Spicer strips back her daily routine during her TED talk and challenges us all to use our time more productively instead of trying hard to impress other people around you. Tracey is a respected journalist who has worked for many years in radio, print and television.

I really agree with her message. People shouldn’t have to look a certain way to be successful. Some friends of my own sometimes wear makeup and wear heels and such, but I don’t blame society for making me do it. I believe some people do it because it makes them feel confident. I like the way it makes me look, yeah but I won’t point my finger at the media and blame them for it. Makeup it art. I buy certain clothes because it’s fun to coordinate my outfits. AND I SHAVE BECAUSE HAIR IS ITCHY.

It’s funny how she says in the beginning of the video that we could do so many things with our time if we would stop wasting time on beauty BS. If I weren’t pampering myself early in the morning before work/school I’d be SLEEPING. I wouldn’t be setting my alarm at 5:30am to learn a new language, play an instrument, or exercise (some people do, but I sure as hell don’t).

Don’t let people tell you that skinny/fat is in right now. Because there are so many mixed messages in the media right now “skinny people have eating disorders and are sick/only skinny people should be models” and “fat people are gross and should work out more/you should love your body the way it is.” Bottom line is: If you’re healthy and happy, great. If not, do something to change it. Otherwise quit ranting dude!

But let’s be a bit realistic, people won’t judge you whether you are rich or not, but life does judge you! So, if you want to live with some dignity, CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professorsavings channel for more daily money saving videos!



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