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All About Money Management International

Money Management International, or MMI, is the biggest credit counselling agency in the USA. Want to know more about what they do? Keep reading.



All About Money Management International

The agency serves around 20 states and even has a hotline for the same purpose. This agency is a non-profit based and is funded by sponsors and other contributors. The agency also receives some compensation if and when creditors to repay their debt.

Money Management Internal provides the service of budget counselling, debt assistance and of course bankruptcy counselling among the all-important services. MMI is known worldwide for the work they do. The company strives to improve many lives by imparting financial knowledge and education. This agency was founded by Terry Blaney.

MMI came into being after it was renamed form its existing name Money Management by Mail. This was done to show for better capabilities. The MMI agency has worked hand in hand to create several initiatives for community education and one-on -one counselling for better financial futures.

The agency has benefited from all its endeavours and so has all of its consumers. Money Management International is expanding every day and is providing top-notch customer service. When it comes to counselling and providing education on the financial front MMI is leading the industry and how.

The organization has over 1500 employees working all over the country. MMI has made provisions to serve its clients over the phone and the Internet as well. Currently the agency has 119 offices and is looking to expand in the years to come. Still it came into being, the agency has finished 18 mergers as result of which the agency has carved a niche for itself as a debt counselling agency.

To educate youngsters, the agency organizes several workshops in schools right from kindergarten to college goers. The agency has assisted over 200,00 people with its counselling services. The agency makes community recruitments to help people teach others about the importance of being financially responsible.

Lately, the Money Management International agency has started offering home counselling too. This way counsellors teach others on how to maintain and finance their most valued asset- their house. Consumers re given briefs on first time house purchases and counselled on pre-purchasing too.

The agency has won several awards for its outstanding work done in the field of debt education. Above all the agency has helped thousands of people to stand on their own two feet and enjoy life debt free.

1. MMI provides debt education and credit counselling free of cost to over 20 states in America.

2. The agency hosts workshops in schools and colleges to teach children about finace and budgeting.

3. The agency also provides home counselling too.




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