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The Advantages of Walmart Money Card

The Advantages of Walmart Money Card Walmart money cards are considered to be a reloadable debit card which is sponsored by Green Dot Corporation.

It is a prepaid reloadable Visa card or MasterCard created for those people who like to use mottled services and also its features.

This card can be used in various Wal-Mart stores, or wherever the Visa or the MasterCard logo appears.

A Walmart money card is an uncomplicated way for making desired purchases and also for managing a card budget. In other words, this is a prepaid card which means the user must first load money in the card before they can use it for making the desired purchases. The users can load money in the card at a Walmart retail location, or one can also deposit cash in a retail store. Moreover, the users of the card can also use strict deposit for free which will help individuals avoid paying expensive check cashing fees.
Where this card can be used?
A Walmart money card is accepted for online purchases and also for making the purchases on the phone. Some other places where these cards can be used are
for renting cars,reserving air tickets, booking hotel accommodations, or purchasing gasoline at a pump.

One of the best advantages of using this card is that it is based on a $0 liability policy which means that if the card is stolen, lost or used for any fraudulent activity, the money deposited in the card by the user would be safe. There is also a no credit check which means the user does not have to comply with the US Patriot Act. This simply means that user has a certifiable Social Security number, residence, and identity proof. For becoming a holder of this card, the user would also be considered even if they are listed in the Chex Systems.

How to use Walmart money cards
In order to avail the use of a Walmart money card, one needs to activate the card by depositing or loading some amount of money in it. Acquiring this card is very easy, as it includes no credit check or holding of a bank account. At the time of purchasing the card, one only needs to provide the address, date of birth, complete name, social security number and also some other additional information.

One of the most convenient way of making payment is with the help of Walmart money cards

Acquiring of the card does not require many documents
Sponsored by Green Dot Corporation, this is one of the most convenient way of making payment.



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