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How active Listening Can with people’s Trust

Mr. Michael Memory, the Super Hero

with the Ability to Remember

When I was in fifth grade, I was always nervous Thursday night.  The reason was because every Friday morning, we would have a test at school.  I remember at one point in my youthful academic schedule, the teacher would give us a blank map and we had to write in the fifty states and their capitals.  I never did well because I did not have a good memory. 

After all, I always believed that “smart kids” were the ones that were born with good memory.  Later on, I discovered that having memory was a skill that can be developed not only by associated words with pictures but being an active listener.

When I graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2001, I started recruiting for jobs.  Although I was never a big beer drinker, I applied for a job with Anheuser-Busch Budweiser, a Fortune 500 company and dominant player in the beer industry.  After a phone interview, I was invited to a personal interview with Mike Latting, the manager for the marketing department in San Francisco. 

From first glance, Mike appeared to be a six foot two white male weighing at about two hundred forty pounds.  I can also tell that Mike was very proud of working for Budweiser, at least his belly confirmed it.  

The night before, I studies and researched about the company.  I believe that my willingness to learn and energy won me the job.  I was hired  as a marketing representative so my goal was to develop relationship with bar and restaurant owners and strategically sell them the benefits to carry the line of Budweiser beverages.

I was very delighted that my first corporate job out of college was working not only for a Fortune 500 company but a company that spends millions of dollars annually developing the image as an American icon.

Points to think about: Why you met clients and friends that can be potential client, do you ask “What are your dreams?” “If you can see any current basketball start play, who would it be?”



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