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What is your personal story?

When I was five years old, I immigrated to San Francisco from Hong Kong.

Growing up, we had little money.

One night when I was in elementary school, my dad told me he would be moving to China for the next eight years.

I was sad. I only saw my father a weeks out of the year.

So, I vowed to never be poor.

Now, I hope to build a company that helps others.

What is your Professor Savings?

Professor Savings  is YouTube’s largest millennial money educational channel with over (400+)  on savings business, and entrepreneur.f, and investing.

I believe that learning about money is a RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEDGE.

We use money everyday, yet it is not taught in our schools which simply makes no sense.

But let me tell you my personal story.

In high school, I bought my first finance book Investing for Dummies and continued to read books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad throughout my adulthood.

Now in my mid 30’s, I am debt free.

What makes Professor Savings different from other finance sites?

We understand that millennials are busy individuals so we created videos for the mobile experience and kept our animated educational videos around four minutes to adopt to their short attention span.

What is your background?

After graduated from UC Berkeley, I worked for education companies including DeVry University, Skyline Community College, and UC Berkeley.

Our team includes developers from India and the United States as well as content creators in Hong Kong.

We started out by attending Finovate, the leading financial technology conference in Spring 2014, to learn about how to connect millennials with banks.

Thanks again for your support

Rayfil Wong aka Professor Savings

Finovate Spring