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A Kaleidoscope of Color with Hudson and Troop’s “Against the Grain”

Pencils, wood, and empty graphs, even an assortment of pencil cases in primary colors. The video for Australian indie band Hudson and Troop’s single Against the Grain uses everyday grade school classroom materials and stop motion animation in a fun and simplistic way that’s goes great with the song. The Hudson and Troop band members aren’t present in the video, but after hearing the style of the music that makes more sense than if they were. Not only because not appearing in your own music video can easily be considered going against the grain in the music industry, but also because when the video starts and the pencils come out of their bags, lining up into single file and moving up and down to match the tempo, they’re set against a wood grain background; quite the mix of the literal and figural.

One heavily sharpened blue colored pencil looks like it’s swimming in the opposite direction of a sea of normal writing pencils, another way of symbolizing going against the grain, and a lyric about hearing a song for the first time and knowing all the words is sang while the words are penciled in and immediately erased, a not so subtle hint at feeling familiar with something you have no reference for.

The tools are simple, but symbolism can always be seen as something complex, and that’s what so great about this video. With even a little understanding of stop motion animation and how it’s done, if you have none the process is highly searchable online, you’ll probably think to yourself: “this is something I could do!”, and the cool part about it is with all of the available technology, and it takes less than you may think, you can do this. Better yet, you can make your own original concepts come to life!

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