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What Do I Do with My Halloween leftovers?

8 Ways to use your Halloween leftovers

1. Send it to the troops.

Operation Shoebox collects candy that it then sends to troops stationed overseas. Collect your neighbors’ leftover candy and send it along with yours for a hefty donation.

2. Decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies and more.

Round, colored candies make great pebbles on the path leading to a gingerbread house. Use Lifesavers as candle holders on a birthday cake.

3. Chop it up.

Chop chocolates, peanut butter cups, and mini Butterfingers and Snickers into little pieces that can top a bowl of ice cream or frozen yogurt. Use in place of chocolate chips in cookies.

4. Make trail mix.

Combine M&Ms, peanuts or nuts, and raisins into your own trail mix.

5. Freeze it.

Most candy – both hard candy and chocolates – will freeze for later use. Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil, then put in a plastic bag with a label attached so you know what it is.

6. Melt and mold.

Melt leftover chocolates, then pour back into holiday molds. Let cool, then package into gift boxes for friends and family.

7. Donate it.

Think homeless shelters, soup kitchens, the vet’s office, your local community center, a senior center or a civic group.

8. Stir it into your coffee or hot milk.

Chop up leftover chocolates and stir them into your coffee or hot milk for a mocha or hot chocolate.

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