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The Secret to Get Rich

Mark Cuban, a well-known entrepreneur, has a famous quote: “Diversification is for idiots.” But is it true though? As sales expert Grant Cardone puts it, diversifying your investments is so important. Without diversification of income sources, you will only fail in attaining true financial wealth.

The next question is, what should you invest? As Cardone puts it, make sure you know WHAT and HOW MANY places you are investing. The number of places must be limited. And you must know them well.

So what did Cardone invest his money in? Watch the video to find out more! I especially enjoy his quote that “You want to find one or two spaces you completely understand, that can’t be destroyed, and go all in…hat’s how people get rich. People don’t get rich by tip-toeing in with $100 investments all over the place.”

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