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5 tips to managing introverts

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5 tips to manage introverts

We want to cover finance basics as well as topics that will help you succeed in business.

First, let’s define management.

  Management is simply getting things done through people.

So happy employees equals happy company culture.

Wow, let’s start.

Let’s jump to

#1 We need time to recharge alone. We get tired after a night of attending a conference.  I may skip after music late night pizza snack versus extroverts who recharge when they are with people who wants to see me do the robocop dance at the club?

#2 We love comfortable silence. Just because we are quiet does not mean we are uncomfortable. in fact, I hate it when managers say

“ you seem quiet. you have not said anything. is everything alright!” yes, better if you shut up!!

Of course, I only said this in my head

#3 When you manage an introvert, don’t talk so much or loud.  The best thing you can do is to define the problem briefly, set the goal, and ask for our insights.

#4 We like to communicate, but not always in front of a big crowd. So if you want feedback on the new applications, allow other forms of feedback instead of asking us to share in big crowds so offer one on one meetings, an open office policy would be great, or invite us to send you an email.

#5 Ask us questions. Such as where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your ideal work environment?

We feel special this way!

That’s it!

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