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5 things to know about real estate investments

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What is real estate investment?

Real estate investment are purchased with  intention to generate income either by renting it out or

make money from the appreciation of the property.

Let’s say that Jane purchased a house  5 years ago for $100,000.

She get’s it appraised and the value of the housevhas increase to $200,000.

She has gained $100,000 in equity  and can go to her bank and ask to barrow more money to purchase an additional house at $200,000  but she only has $50,000 in deposit so she has to take out a mortgage of $150,000 for 30 years at 10%.

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Jane has to pay $1,524.69 monthly but she rents it out at $2,000 to Damon so she is still up $475.31 monthly but owning property also has it’s responsibility such as bad renters who parties too much and may damage property.

Landlord’s are also responsible for maintenance.

She also have to find tenant for rent as well as well pay for  property insurance.

She must also plan for a worst case scenario which is dealing with dropping or lower rental prices because of a weak economy.

consider all these factors before purchasing real estate.

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