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5 Steps To Be As Successful As Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey is a media mogul, television host, and author who has a net worth of $2.9 billion. You will definitely be amazed by her story. Oprah Winfey rose from poverty, abuse, and prejudice to become one of the most influential people on the planet.  Today she earns an annual salary of $315 million thanks to her highly lucrative media empire.

Today, I will share about 5 steps to become real successful.

1.Hang out with people who inspire you to take action.

Surround yourself with people who could lift your up, not bring you down. Identify the people who trigger you – most likely the go-getters and hard workers – and hang out with them more often. Soon you will inculcate their drive and spirit too.

2. Clarify your goals

After you got the motivation, which is the main fuel to your success,  you have to set some concrete and doable goals for yourself. Those goals should be very clear, so that you could set a timeline for it. Then, you  could monitor your progress time to time.

3. Identify the skills you need to sharpen and the skills you can outsource.

Knowing your limit is very important. There are some skills that you have to acquired, so that you can hit your goal. You could always learn new skills, however, we have limited time. Outsourcing certain less essential tasks gives you more time to focus on the things that are absolutely essential to your craft.

4.  Tell others about your goals.

Tell all your friend and family about your goals and plans. You could write a post on Facebook, twitter or blog.  Now whenever you see them, they are bound to ask you about your progress. They could motivate you when you are down.

5. Execute your small objectives, focusing on your main objective.

Never find reasons to procrastinate. Jump headfirst into the challenge and start chipping away. You never know what problems will present themselves before you step into the arena. When you encounter any obstacles, find a solution to fix it as soon as possible.

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