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5 Simple Ingredients to increase your profit

If you’re looking for credible ways to make your business a success, take notes from the people who have already done it. Duff Goldman, the owner of Charm City Cakes and the face of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network, offers his advice on attracting the success that you want.

Give it all you got without fear of possible negative outcomes. If you’re following your passion, you’ll be on a solid successful plan.

  1.     Don’t spend too much time in the planning phase- overthinking is the best way to talk yourself out of a brilliant idea. Don’t make things overly complicated. Start with the first step and make your way to the next.
  2.     Don’t live beyond your means- If it’s beyond your current budget, you don’t need it right now. Promotional items and company branded merchandise is a waste of precious startup funds. Save what you can and spend the rest on power moves that will advance your business.
  3.     Quality products– Even if your business starts off with a bang, you’re only as good as your latest release. If the quality of your product or experience diminishes over time, you’re likely to lose your reputation with your target audience.
  4.     Kill them with kindness- Great manners and being polite is common knowledge. Never let success get to your head so much that you forget these basic principles. Be sure to relay these principles to your employees. Show them how to behave by treating them with the respect you want them to exhibit.

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