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5 best advice to become a successful entrepreneur

Robert Herjavec is one of the North America’s most recognizable business leaders. He has built several IT companies and sold them to AT&T and Nokia to make his fortune. He then launched The Herjavec Group, a security company which was recognized by Fortune100 as one of the fastest growing technology company in North America.


Robert revealed that the key to success is that he is tired of being poor. This provides him the motivation of waking up 5am at the morning and sleeping at 1am. Moreover, he emphasized that he had the “never die” spirit. No matter how bad the current situation is, he is going to wake up in the next morning with the same spirit thriving for success.


“Good enough is not good enough.” Everyone wakes up at every day telling them that they want to do better but others are telling them that they are not good enough. Roberts thinks that people will not be satisfied when they are having desire. When pain from settling current situation is bigger than the pleasure from it, people will have the motivation to move on. That’s why Robert success.


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