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4 signals show you’re ready for Success

Actor and comedian Rob Corddry has played various shades of a familiar character in a lot of his productions. For whatever reason he’s not getting action hero or leading man romantic comedy roles. But he’s perfectly comfortable playing the creepy, but accessible, friend or a neurotic psychologist.

There are four signals that i can observed from Rob that show you’re probably ready for success.

1. You know who you are.

If I were to ask you right now to name three things you’re good at, could you do it? How well does that match up to the work you’re doing today? Knowing who you are is about finding the intersection of “what you love doing” and “what you’re great at.” It’s also about making tough decisions about time management and with whom you choose to spend (or waste) time.

2. You give equal weight to applause and criticism.

If there’s a stitch of truth or value in the applause or criticism, Corddry wants to know. But he doesn’t let comments from either side define him. He takes it in with equal weight and moves on.

3. You can just feel it.

Corddry reminds us that success can be measured in more ways than just money. His first priority is his family and he has proven he will put them above any career move with the choices he makes on a daily basis. Corddry says that you’ll know it when you feel it.

4. You listen to your support system.

Corddry’s internal support system and confidant is his wife. She is the voice of reason and helps him keep his priorities in check. She is also extremely understanding about the demands of his job. Corddry would have to make a tough decision. He asked his wife for advice and most likely happy to be close to his family.

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