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3 Ways Local Government can boost economy with tech talent

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Cornell seen by some is better than Harvard.

No matter if you agree with this statement or not, its’ a great point of view for someone who lives near this university, and a great way to think about whatever your local university is according to New York State Mayor Svante Myrick.

Keeping youth in the area and convincing businesses to come into your area from other locations are smart methods to bringing in value, and this is part of Mayor Myrick’s approach to building the amount of tech start ups within his constituency.

Encouraging youth and college aged young people not to move away in order to create the next big thing in tech can be done in several ways, and Mayor Myrick is mindful of this, addressing the need to maintain the sort of public spaces and small businesses that make an area appealing to millennials.

In addition to this, the mayor has also started his own REV program, a small business incubator that offers applicants work space and access to other professionals and potential consumers as well. Following Mayor Myrick’s efforts, unemployment in his constituency has decreased drastically.

The strikingly young mayor, one of the youngest in our country, is a symbol of what young people can do. He represents the ability we all have to make the right decisions and achieve our goals, no matter what they are or how old, or young, we are.

The young mayor mentions that people and businesses are looking for an invitation to grow and expand in areas that they may not have considered as an option.

Here’s your invitation. Check out this video for inspiration, and information on the REV business incubator for those looking to build tech startups.

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