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3 Tips Jimmy Kimmel Will Teach You on Shark Tank

Dear Professor Saving fans,

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the king of late night comedy and here he showcases his mix of humor and entrepreneurial skills.  This is also creates a great opportunity for two beloved brands Jimmy Kimmel Live and Shark Tank to cross promote each other in hope of generating new audiences.

Aside from the deadpan humor Jimmy Kimmel delivers, he stays true and teaches us 3 tips when pitching in front of judges.

1//  Know how much you are asking for and what you will use that money for.

2//  Stimulate the audience with visuals.  Jimmy Kimmel used plenty of visuals including pictures of horses with pants along with charts.

3//  Define the problem.   Jimmy Kimmel defines that there is a big market for horses who needs pants.

Just a fun segment to share.

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