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3 Things to NEVER do on a Business Reality TV show

Hi everyone,

Entrepreneur has come up with another grip clip on someone who has done everything wrong on a business reality TV show.

Our CEO Rayfil Wong was once on American Inventor, the USA version of Dragon’s Den.  He learned to listen and well.. not be arrogant.

Watch the video above about a guy who is trying to ask for investment but simply doing all the things wrong

3 Must Do’s while on a Business Reality TV Show

#1 Listen well.  When you listen to what the judges who are verified successful entrepreneurs, you are given them respect.

#2 Never over promise.  The contestant above is making all these claims about the water being a super miracle.  When you over promise, you simply have lost credibility and trust.

#3 Know your numbers. An idea is not a business. So know your number and be able to deliver them. This takes practice.

Bonus: Did I mention that this guy needs to dress better?

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