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3 Things Apple Taught Us About Great Web Design

   3 Things Apple Taught Us Able Great Design


We at Professor Savings take pride in creating a web site with great design.

We believe that design is more than just beauty but is more about emotions as wells as great function.


1.  Say no a few thousand times.  That’s our motto.  

Often times, I am tempted to implement  glamorous menu bars since they are great looking.  But I consider whether the users may prefer this.  Also, I consider the speed of use.

After all, when Professorsavings.com is used on mobile a simple design becomes very useful.

So for us, less is more.

Less choices that are useful win over too many choices that do provide little value.

2.  Emotion, easy to use.

We want user that come to our site to feel that it is easy to navigate the site.  There is an great useful search bar. We also create short two minutes animated teaching videos.  From our data, we know that users want short videos that get straight to the point.

3.  Visual learning.

We know that about 60% of users benefit from visual learning.  So we set out to produce animated videos.


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