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3 Surprising Etsy Tips that Can Improve Your Sales

Simple Etsy Tips

Dear Professorsavings fans,

Yesterday we posted 3 Secrets About Etsy’s Top Sellers That’ll Keey You Up All Night and we got a FLOOD of comments + over 200 shares!

Many were about Alicia Shaffer from Three Bird Nest apparently claiming to sell “hand made” items but actually bought items from China.

So let’s slow things down and talk about basics today.

But before I forget, check out our Complete Etsy Sales Growing Videos.

In this video, Malanie Ham shares with us the importance of pricing, shipping, and photography.

I agree with Melanie that pricing is key.

If you put so much time and effort into a piece, don’t sell yourself short but this needs to be paired with photography that is appealing.

Remember, you’re selling both the item and the experience.

I have to admit the tips is not organized in the most specific way but I support Melanie Ham because she simply appears genuine and passionate about Etsy.

Check out Melanie Ham’s Etsy shop.

A bit more about my story.  Before I became a business blogger, I actually was introduced to arts and crafts during college.

I went to UC Berkeley and after class I would skip along Telegraph street and view the arts and crafts.

Enjoy the video, hope you can gain something out of it.

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