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3 Sure Fire Way to Communicate with confidence to reach your goals

Confidence is key in business success.

To start off with, you need to pitch to yourself that you can take your startup to success.

Next, you need to be confident at every touch point.

Every person you meet from investors to end users should understand how your company can be USEFUL to them.

in order to be confident, Antonio Neves from Thinqaction has given us a few great tricks. Thanks Entrepreneur for being such a useful channel.

1.   Be genuine in a curious way.  At a networking event, ask and listen to people’s answers. Ask questions such as “How did you scale in hiring the first employee to twenty.  All the while, look for ways you can be useful to them.

This is truly effective networking.

2.  Know your founder story. Why did you start your company and what problem are you solving? Keep it real and humanistic.

3.  Listen extremely well. I train my staff to listen 80 percent and only talk 20 percent of the time.

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