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3 Secrets About Etsys Top Sellers that Made My Jaw Drop

3 Secrets About Etsy's Top Sellers That'll Keep You Up at Night

Dear Professorsavings’ fans,

Recently we have been flooded with emails and comment on the useful Etsy videos we have been sharing and creating.

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Today we will share a more motivational yet a bit controversial video on how top Etsy seller Alicia Shaffer from Three Bird Nest makes big bucks reportedly $60,000 to $70,000 in revenue monthly.

But 3 Secrets You May Not Know

1.  Alicia Shaffer does not make all her stuff.

She knows how to scale (growth in numbers) her business in volume by hiring knitters and other workers.

2.  Alicia Shaffer builds a team.

As she mentions in the video, she hires people to ship and even produce.

You can jump over to her website and you can tell that there is a team behind beautiful pictures and videos on her YouTube site.

3.  Alicia Shaffer understand marketing game.  She knows how to leverage the media and showcase her brand and business.

I have seen so many artists create beautiful things but without marketing you won’t be able to reach buyers.

Note: I have noticed on Etsy Facebook groups that many are a bit demotivated by lack of sales. Just remember there is no overnight success.

So for today, hope this gives you some motivational boost.

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