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3 Lessons Learned from Being on Katie Couric Yesterday- Professorsavings.com CEO Rayfil Wong

Dear Debt Fighters,

   As the CEO of Professorsavings.com, running a startup and trying to get traction is really hard.  So I had an idea.  I would audition to co- host with super host Katie Couric in hopes of getting some exposure and work on improving my public speaking skills.

 So yesterday, I had a good surprise.  I found out that Katie Couric had selected my audition tape as one of her favorites.  I was a bit disappointed that I did not make it as a co-host but would like to share 3 things I learned.

1) The attempt is more important than the result.  In life, we can't control what will happen. But we can control the attempt.  So often we don't even give things a try.  Swing the bat, give it a chance.  You deserve it.  In my case, I couldn't control the outcome in terms of the producer picking me. But I gave it my all.

2) Success is very intentional.  If you want to get somewhere, be prepared to make sacrifices and be very deliberate with each step.  For me, I work very hard to seek opportunities to gain exposure for Professorsavings.com

3) Don't go for the Knockout, but jab everyday.  There is no such thing as overnight success.  Everyday I try to add value to Professorsavings.com this may include doing a blog post, interactive with other finance companies on twitter.

Don't stop treading water or else you will sink.

Closing: Just want to thank everyone who supported Professorsavings.com up to this point. Thus far, it has been a very hard and long road.  

Video: To see the Katie Couric video clip, click here.

Debt Fighter
Rayfil Wong



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