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3 Examples of How Apple’s Announcements Can Increase Profits For You

As a pioneer in the tech industry, when Apple makes an announcement, it rarely falls on deaf ears. As an entrepreneur, how can you capitalize on the company’s releases?

The Apple Watch sounds good on paper. The device’s features are extremely enticing to the public but analysts believe it may have some difficulty gaining the support of big companies. As an entrepreneur you may decide to figure out how to give Apple the support they’re looking for or create a product that’s even better.

Apply Pay stands to eliminate the need to have a credit card ever it again. It has transformed the realm of mobile payments and businesses everywhere are considering how to maximize on the new release.

Denny’s took a technical glitch in Apple’s broadcast and created a marketing opportunity. Building off of Apple’s influence, Denny’s post became a viral Internet sensation.

These are three small examples of using the success of another business to your advantage. As an entrepreneur you must be able to constantly reinvent yourself and adapt to changing times.

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