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Do This 3 Awesome Things Before You Start Up

Ready to start your own business? Before you leap from the diving board head first into the deep end, test the water for a little bit.

  1.       What do you do for a living right now? How can you incorporate aspects from that business into your personal venture? Can you learn more about budgeting, software, marketing, or social media? Maybe you just want to learn the things that you shouldn’t do.
  2.       When it’s time to go, don’t tell all your co-workers to kiss you where the sun doesn’t shine. You never know when you may need to use some of their skills in the future.
  3.       Stay honest and humble. Don’t just leave the job high and dry. Honor all of your obligations and make sure that your departure doesn’t cause an upset with everyone else.

When you become your boss, your reputation will serves as your credit. Word of mouth spreads farther than you think. Take what you need, leave what you don’t, but make sure you walk away cordially.

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