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2 Habits that Will Make You a Better Leader

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Often times, we want great habits so that  we are a better leader.

Let’s think about this.  We correlate that a staff that works for a better leader will result in higher productivity.

Great leaders are often trained by having the right mind set.

One habit she shares is to have the Just DO IT NOW! habit.

Often times we love to create a to do list and end up frustrated at the mile long list. Certain tasks can be done easily.

Some of the habits of the super rich and successful include waking up early in the morning and simply getting enough rest.  Another great habit is to use a stop watch when we start our projects.

After all time is our greatest resource.  With time we can make money but if we don’t have time we can’t make more money.

Click on the video above for a short Google Hangout session on habits with Meiko Patton.

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