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10 Super Bowl Facts You Need To Know

Having received over 500 thousand views on Youtube, this 2-minute video reveals mindblowing facts about Super Bowl.

For example, do you know a 30-second commercial on Fox costs $4million dollars, while it costed 40 thousand dollars in 1967? And no team from the Pacific or Mountain time zone has won a super bowl since 1999! This raises some pretty fierce discussions on Youtube about future game results. However, I believe that statistics only speak to what HAS BEEN, not to what WILL BE. Do you think otherwise? Comment below to let me know!

And watching this 2-minute video has already made me super excited about the upcoming games. Indeed, nothing can compare with watching a LIVE Super Bowl Game. There is so much excitement. Unfortunately, not everyone has traveling money waiting at their disposal. Even if you do have the money, you’ll still need to budget and plan well.

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