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How do I stay motivated as an entrepreneur

Dear Professor Savings readers,

Thanks again for joining us.  As a startup, it is never easy.  The road can be lonely and just tiresome.

As the CEO, I often have to stay motivated. We all have dreams and we want to be the next rock star, NBA hoop star, or professional gamer.

There are countless dreams and careers we can pursue.  But all the way, we will likely face reject, doubt, and plenty of obstacles.

Along this adventure, we may see the our bank account dwindle and we may be sad, frustrated, and simple down on ourselves.

One day I remember meeting Mr. Chu.  He owns a very successful Chinese restaurant.  Every time I see Mr. Chu, he would be greeting his customers with great energy.  He knew most of his customers by name.

So one day I asked him how he was able to stay so enthusiastic after thirty years in the Chinese restaurant industry filled with long days.

He told me about Amy.

Once upon a time, Amy moved to New York and it took her ten years to go after her dream as a broadway star. She was a waitress part time.

So the secret is to start each day as if was the first day.

Back to Amy. After ten years she has finally made it to star in her open Broadway play. She rehearses the same song and wiggles her jazz hands thousands of times.  But she closes her eyes before the curtain goes up and remembers how hard it was to get there.  She remembers the first day she landed in New York.

This can pump us up instantly.

So with that in mind, she remembers the long road and how it was to get there.

So she instantly gets excited again.  Thanks for joining us and please SUBSCRIBE to our channel.








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