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Get motivated and succeed to become the second Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Motivation

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” This is what the best basketball player on the planet – Michael Jordan believed throughout his basketball career. Every shot that he made he had confidence that it was going into the basket.   Michael Jordan emphasized on ...

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Get motivated to become as tough as Greg Pitt

Motivation on Life

Greg Pitt was a certified personal fitness trainer and trained clients in Los Angeles where he lived. He was featured in many famous body building website and was awarded with the MET-Rx athlete of the year award.   Here’s a metaphor for life from Greg. Everyone climbs mountains in their ...

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3 Secrets That Helps Beyonce Get Rich


Well you may know Beyonce because she is a popular singer. Ever wondered why she has a net worth of $450 million? Others singers might have comparable salaries with similar amounts for investment but they never seem to accumulate a fortune. Well learn from Beyonce to increase your wealth exponentially. ...

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