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OMG Sushi Towel Rolls

Sushi Towel Roll

Dear Professor Saving fans, Many of us love sushi but now companies are capitalizing on one of the fastest global food trends.  According to IBIS, it is a $2 billion dollar sushi restaurant industry in the US alone. A few days ago we learned from Nerdist about rolled up kitchen ...

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The 12 Best Vince Vaughn Office Stock Photos in History

Vince Vaughn Stock Photos

HI Professor Savings fans, Vince Vaughn and his co-stars teamed up with Getty Images to promote their new movie in a real creative way, Unfinished Business, by creating cheesy stock photography. In the attention economy, companies need to be creative to get attention. For more details, read the  AdWeek article.    

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Get motivated and succeed to become the second Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Motivation

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” This is what the best basketball player on the planet – Michael Jordan believed throughout his basketball career. Every shot that he made he had confidence that it was going into the basket.   Michael Jordan emphasized on ...

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